David Wigley: Missing Out Again

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Well, I’ve missed out on the Championship game against Middlesex this week. Purely a form issue I think, and I agree – to a point! I had a belting first 3 months, picking up wickets regularly before the ridiculous structure of County Cricket meant that I then played only a handful of days’ cricket in a 6/7 week period. The momentum and rhythm I had gained was pulled from under my feet and I have been striving too hard to get it back.

However, it is that time of the season when everyone’s bodies start to fatigue and I’m sure I will still have a big part to play in the last 3 games of the season as and when required. Northants are in a very strong position going into these last 3 games. If we avoid a loss and pick up at least one win then we should find ourselves with a great chance of finishing in the top two, and therefore getting promoted to the County Championship Division One.

I take many positives going into the last month of the season despite my selection frustrations. Should we get promoted then I can take great pride in the fact that I have played 11 games out of a possible 13 so far, and this will hopefully increase in the next few weeks.

I am also really looking forward to a 5 month trip to Auckland this winter. I fly out in 4 weeks time to be the overseas professional coach and player at East Coast Bays Cricket Club. I have spent the last four winters training in Northampton and although these winters have been very productive, I do feel that I now have the knowledge and commitment to complete the same training whilst in the sunnier climate of North New Zealand! It means that I will also continue to bowl throughout the winter and can build up stamina and bowling fitness right into the English preseason.

This week, without a match, gives me the opportunity to sort out the disaster that was my kitchen ceiling/bathroom floor falling through yesterday afternoon! It’s a good job it fell down when it did really. Instead of landing on my girlfriends head whilst she prepared her lunch, it landed in an empty room whilst she sat in the lounge watching Neighbours on the TV eating said lunch. The countdown to getting everything fixed and decorated before our flight to the other side of the world has begun.

Until then, I find myself being more than sufficiently fed and watered by my girlfriend’s parents, who live just 20 minutes away! The combination of not playing and staying there will no doubt mean either an increase is body fat or several tough sessions on the bike or treadmill! Or maybe both!

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