Wayne Allison: I’m Still Alive And Still Looking For Work

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It’s been a while since my last update and since then I have completed and passed the UEFA Pro Licence and have been applying for jobs as and when they’ve come up but with no success!!

I have also spent most of the last few months at University as I get close to finishing my PhD. While being out of work has been very frustrating it has helped me crack on with my studies so when I do get a job I haven’t got too much work left to do.

I was also fortunate and lucky to get an interview at Blackburn Rovers for the post of First Team Coach, unfortunately I didn’t get the job but I was pleased with how the interview went and the experience gained, which will hopefully stand me in good stead for future interviews.

It was also good for me to get my name out there to remind people that I’m still here, still alive and still very serious about wanting to become a coach.

I am proud of completing the Pro Licence, there are still quite a lot of Manager’s who haven’t done it but I found it to be very worthwhile.

You learn a lot and you also learn about the situations other Coaches / Managers have found themselves in, their past experiences and how they have dealt with certain things. You would never know how to deal with some of the things until it is presented to you but if you can use other people’s experiences and try to learn that way then that will hopefully help me.

It also served as a great networking tool because as well as your group the courses over lap so the first year you spend time with those already in their second year and this year we had a few days with the new intake so a lot of time was spent in the bar making contacts, which may one day come in very handy.

Now that the new season has started you’re looking for opportunities, with people losing their jobs that is the nature of the beast. The only way you will get a job is if someone leaves one – out of choice or not! But hopefully it’s not anyone I know.

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