Bobby White: A new chapter

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On the July 13th I arrived in Bregenz, Austria, to begin a new chapter of my life as a Handball Player.

The decision to come to A1 Bregenz wasn’t an easy one, with the option of going back to the academy in Aarhus being available, which would also hold the benefit of having the majority of the GB squad based there once again.

I am now finding myself in a foreign country with no familiar faces in sight; it is going to be a tough journey but one which should have a positive impact my Handball career. A1 Bregenz lifted the Austrian Championship last season and are going into a qualification round for the EHF Champions League, so to be associated with a club of this calibre is inspiring and spine-tingling in itself and I haven’t even stepped onto a court yet!

The season ahead will bring many challenges in all aspects of my life. Firstly having to leave loved ones back in the UK once again is not an enjoyable experience and I hope this move will not impact too severely on that. Secondly, having played Handball since January 2008 I now find myself within an established professional outfit and there will be no hiding place should mistakes be made and excuses of still being a development player will no doubt fall on deaf ears.

The first training session took place in the morning of Wednesday 15th. It was a fairly light start to training and it opened with a football match.  The heavens opened after the match as we did some conditioning work comprising of interval runs coupled with various exercises. The feeling of running in heavy rain on the grass brought back memories of pre-season training back in my footballing days!

On Friday 17th July we set off for Faschina a small town in the Austrian Alps to continue our pre-season conditioning. I was told it would be a gruelling five day training camp with four training sessions per day. On the first day our last training sessions was a 40 minute jog up one of the mountains. I was listening to a playlist on my iPod, which I often did when running through the traffic of Central Milton Keynes, we ran through a herd of cows on a narrow path on the mountain with ‘crosstown traffic’ by Jimmy Hendrix playing, it brought a smile to my face despite the mud rain and pain of the run!

The weather was a mixture of rain, snow and brief sunshine until we left on the Tuesday when it was about 30 degrees, typical!

So the first week is under my belt, I feel in good shape but I’m sure we have plenty of conditioning left to do. I am itching to get on to the court and hope I can take any opportunities that come my way during the pre-season friendly period!

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