William Sharman: Bydgoscz Here I Come

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Things are hotting up with the Bydgoscz training camp less than two weeks away.

I have been finding things difficult working with my new coach simply because his English is not very strong (with all due respect).

So here comes this training camp and I will have to fund it in the hope that I see the returns by having a great season by coming back in the best shape of my life and pushing that form into an upward trend through the season… that’s what we hope.

A few weeks ago I had my doubts, this training group is mostly comprised of females, (not a bad thing, they smell nicer and look prettier than blokes in skin-tights) but this means that I can’t really be tested in training by any one.

The way I am looking at the forthcoming training camp is like this: it’s worth going because if I don’t go, I will train here in the cold UK by myself and the chances of picking up new ideas are slim, I can only train using old ones. Secondly, a focused training environment is better than a lonely training environment, with no coach and no other athletes,

Whatever Bydgoscz holds for me I will put my mind to it and gain whatever I can, the main aim is to be able to train without any distractions and to receive undivided attention by my Coach George.

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